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Robert Kiyosaki created the Cash flow quadrant to identify and explain the four ways people can choose to generate cash flow. Each of the four quadrants represents a category of income generation: Employee, Self-Employed, B-Business Owner, and Investor.

Let review Robert Kiyosaki’s quadrant, where he present the 4 ways of making money.

We conclude from this graph that there are 4 ways of making money and we have 2 sides of distribution of wealth in USA. The right side that include 90% of the population is making only 10%, while the right side which is 10% is making the most wealth that is 90% .

We conclude here that time is trade for money, and it’s limited by how many hours you want to trade for money.

Kiyosaki in his book has great knowledge about the financial problems.


  1. E: represent employee where you have job and paid per hour.
  2. S:…

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The Flow Cash

Robert Kiyosaki created the Cash flow quadrant to identify and explain the four ways people can choose to generate cash flow. Each of the four quadrants represents a category of income generation: Employee, Self-Employed, B-Business Owner, and Investor.

Let review Robert Kiyosaki’s quadrant, where he present the 4 ways of making money.

We conclude from this graph that there are 4 ways of making money and we have 2 sides of distribution of wealth in USA. The right side that include 90% of the population is making only 10%, while the right side which is 10% is making the most wealth that is 90% .

We conclude here that time is trade for money, and it’s limited by how many hours you want to trade for money.

Kiyosaki in his book has great knowledge about the financial problems.


  1. E: represent employee where you have job and paid per hour.
  2. S: Self-employed where you own a job and you get paid per task.
  3. B: Business owner, you own a system and people work for you. This category works per relationship.
  4. I: Investor when money works for you.

Each of the quadrant has pros and cons that must be considered when choosing which quadrant to work within. Every human is in one, or more, of these quadrants, and it’s important to understand how to move from one’s current quadrant into the Business and Investor Quadrants in order to escape the Financial Matrix.






Financial Strategies: Offense/ Defense

As we have learn from the program Life Financial development, to escape Financial Matrix you need to learn 2 strategies, a philosophy that includes defense and offense.

This philosophy of defense-offense is based on [Be- Do – Have]

You think you may start playing defense, and tightwad, look down and spent less. But you didn’t learn skills in your job, from school and from life for no reason, you’ve learnt skills to solve problems and to come up with solutions. So what you want is not less problems, but more skills and that what you can learn in fitness program. Financial fitness is offering you a whole package of information to solve financial issues and how to be fit.


How to make Money

Money is a tremendous issue that everyone of us has to go through since we start using it as the only way to purchase all stuff we want to own. However money is a product of big monetary system. As it’s define in dictionary,

monetary system: is the set of institutions by which a government provides money in a country’s economy. Modern monetary systems usually consist of mints, central banks and commercial banks. But let stick here to the meaning we have of money. What the concept we have about money in our mind set.

First, let define money :

Money is a receive of service you do as tasks in your job as long as you doing it in a moral and legal service, and if you want to make more money you have to serve more. The more you serve, the more you get money. and it’s your choice to serve for a multiple employees, or to serve for one all your life.

The good people make good things with money.

The bad people make bad things with money.

Let say that you have no money now, how could we know if you are good or bad. The journey of dealing with money is still out on you. You may be bad, you just don’t have enough money to show it. And you may be good, you just need that money to prove it.

Let take a look at your priorities in life.

I can name some here:

Fitness- Faith- family- job- Community service- friends- money.

Make a list upon your top priorities. You can’t know your priorities until you make that list and you look at your schedule. To see what are your priorities, you need to check your calendar, because your priorities show in what you have done last week and this week, and your daily life as well.

This step is primordial to define yourself, get to know who you are. In fact this is the first step to take when you willing to escape the financial matrix.

The program life leadership is based on 3 concepts:


Let me here go through 3 concepts and learn how they function in financial program.

First this financial program is teaching you to define your dream, the life you always wanted. Not just that but how to accomplish it.

You will learn from mentors that had the same dream and be willing to do the work.

However, when I talk to people and ask them how they are doing, if they have dreams. Most of them reply: “they just going with the flow.” Nevertheless, “flow goes off the cliff”, and as the idiom states “any dead fish can flow against the current, but it takes an alive fish to swim against the current.

To be able to have a dream you need to be motivated, fire up, full of burning desire.

There are two things that could motivate you in life :

dreads and dreams.

Dreads refer to pain and discomfort, while dreams refer to pleasure and desire.

As we mention earlier we need to have dreams to be motivated to accomplish our goals. However dreads can do the same effect on our motivation. While focusing our attention to our dreads and pain, the same way we do to our dreams and pleasure we could be very motivated to hit our goals.

One of the most painful and terrible dreads most people struggle with are these issues listed down :

  1. Debt and debt collectors.
  2. Shopping for groceries: many people are using calculator and coupons while shopping because prices keep going up.
  3. Shopping for clothes: many aren’t able to buy new clothes since college, or since they married.
  4. Go out in restaurant: many people can’t afford to enjoy time and good meal in peace of mind out off their daily stress.
  5. Vacation: many people can’t cover expenses of vacation with their family.
  6. Holidays Celebration: nowadays many families can’t afford holidays.
  7. Dating: many people can’t afford dating or even moving to marriage proposal.
  8. Gifts: most people can’t afford giving away gift to their closest relatives.
  9. College: most people can’t afford paying for college and get student loans.

The list doesn’t stop and goes on and on.

Here I introduce you to the program and teach you how to escape financial matrix.

Let start here from the basic and the common ground that is your job.

First, what kind of job do you do ?

Second, does your job offers you what you looking for and helps you to accomplish the dream you had have for a long time, and how about the life you always wanted.

In this financial matrix I will go through the two methods you should learn when dealing with financial issues.

We will go through the two strategies that helps to accomplish your goals, that is : The defense and the offense.

May be in your personal vision you would go defense to protect yourself from risks taking. However the job you are performing is about solving problems. So, you don’t want less problems but rather more skills. You don’t want less challenge but rather more wisdom .

Indeed the financial program Life leadership will give you all the information you need to escape the matrix.

The program Life leadership offers a “total access” a package that coaches you along in order to become entrepreneur or under entrepreneur.

This program Life leadership includes all these teaching through CD, books, weekly meeting, seminars, different packages we offer like:

Total Personal Development that includes:

Rascal Radio

Life Library

The leadership platform

Audio Books

Language learning

Sales Training

This program will teach many skills you would need in your personal, professional, and financial development.

  • public speaking
  • Leadership
  • Sales training
  • Conflict resolution
  • Understand different personalities

The miracle of this financial program is that all these stuff are included in one single curriculum to guide you to become the person you want to be to arrive on the life you belong in.

Interested in this program, leave a comment, contact here: saidaseddik11@gmail

office: 717-652-5308

cell: 832-537-4351

How to Escape Financial Matrix

When ever you need to fix something in you home, you go and look for an entrepreneur to do it for you. However concerning financial development, you need to seek knowledge from professional in financial issues.

Referring to statistics, Americans are living right on the edge — at least when it comes to financial planning. Approximately 62% of Americans have less than $1,000 in their savings accounts and 21% don’t even have a savings account, according to a new survey of more than 5,000 adults conducted this month by Google Consumer Survey for personal finance website “It’s worrisome that such a large percentage of Americans have so little set aside in a savings account,” says Cameron Huddleston, a personal finance analyst for the site. “They likely don’t have cash reserves to cover an emergency and will have to rely on credit, friends and family, or even their retirement accounts to cover unexpected expenses.”

What causes this situation is credit cards and debt! Debt is a critical issue in many American household. The average U.S. household with debt carries $15,675 in credit card debt and $132,158 in total debt. It’s easy to say “we should get rid of our debt and pay off our balances”. But saying it is not like doing it. It’s a though decision that takes a great commitment, personal and family teaching to get results from the hard work on how to cut off spending.

First, you need to have plan. You define the problem, you learn about it then you take it to reality, it’s a complex process.  That why you need financial coaching that could teach you how to spend less than you gain. Have you ever heard the proverb saying: “Pay yourself first.” which means put your money in saving first.

To get rid of debt, our personal and family debt, we need to divide debt in two categories: credit cart, and debt with interest charges.

I’ll be presenting you This financial coaching in multiple series of teaching and coaching. I’ll be sharing with the information and knowledge that will help you solve your financial problems using smart tactics. I will explain to you how to make short and long term plans to free yourself from debt. And to use some strategies to manage your expenses upon your income . I’ll guide you toward the best understanding of the value of money and to consider it as a gift to be spent rationally. I’ll help you while teaching you how to deal with your own money.

Prior to that, let me teach you some wise philosophy of life: you have to change your opinion about money, how is that? most of people who their income let say $30.000 a year would say if it was $40.000 I would be better off. The same thinking with the ones that make $40.000, they would say , if my income were $50.000 I would live comfortably and free of debt. The problem though is not in getting more income, but in how to cut more expenses. Because no matter how huge or little your income is, you would over spend it. Indeed you have to change your vision of money. Think differently, teach yourself how to deal with money. For that purpose you might need help of professional in financing.

Before that, let ask questions about debt situation, and why debt has grown so highly in American families?

A study has shown how the cost of living has increased, and how the rise in the cost of living has outpaced income growth over the past 12 years. While median household income has grown 26% since 2003, household expenses have outpaced it significantly — with medical costs growing by 51% and food and beverage prices increasing by 37% in that same span. Household income has grown by 26% in the past 12 years, but the cost of living has gone up 29% in that time period. And some of the largest expenses for consumers — like medical care, food and housing — have significantly outpaced income growth.

household debt has grown 15% faster than household income since 2003. This is a concerning spread, however this situation has improved significantly from where it was in 2009, during the recession, when the difference reached 42%. As McQuay says “One upside to the recession is that it forced people to tighten their belts,” “While that tightening was painful at the time, it helped slow down the growth of consumer debt.”

As we conclude here, the economic crisis and the period of recession has put the American in critical condition of debt. While cutting expenses is one effective solution , there are many other ways to defeat debt by information and knowledge in financial tactics. Next articles I will go through financial fitness and how to live debt free.



Holidays and Grief

I’am not trying to bring tears and sorrow to your best moments of this blessed holidays.  But while celebrating and shoping for gifts,  think about those who are under war attacks,  disasters,  flooding, and those who don’t have home nor food or Clothing.  Have your thought in those mesirable kids who need your love and attention.

Following are suggestions for simplifying your Holliday and have room in your heart for others.

While shopping make a Gift list for kids overseas,  all KIDS and not just Christian ones as Chrismas is about kids.

Don’t spend huge money in buying for yourself ,  family, and friends.  Think about the poor one,  the homeless,  and other needy,  CHRISMAS is about sharing gifts and joy.

Explain to your family how to go simple while sharing with others.

Set Yourself as example in sharing and giving away gifts in this hardship time.

Share the spiritual meaning of the Holiday season to bring others confort.

Celebrate the Love, forgiveness, and compassion that make life complete.

Be always a good beliedownloadver,  giver, and lover.

Happy Holidays.

Dr. Saida Seddik


To argue Logically or with Heart

This book represents the culmination of many years of research, meditation, reading, analyzing, and building a system of thinking all aimed to understanding the tremendous and rapid changes happening all around the globe since the mid 20th century until the 21th century. We need to find ways to make sense of these rapid changes—changes that seem to accelerate with the passing of every decade and now every year. There is a strong historical movement led by people in the whole world trying to shift the centers of power, so that more people are empowered to fulfill their natural potential. However the transfer of power won’t happen smoothly; indeed, most likely the needed transformation will involve a great shock to the actual system _imperialism power led by US and Nato_ . This system is in critical condition collapsing worldly, in European countries, and USA the Mastermind of the system. Indeed the extremist wars launching everywhere in the middle east and Africa explains the imperialism and neo-colonialism system is collapsing and falling apart. In fact as imperialism crumbles, many western capitalist and neocolonialist are collapsing economically, politically, and ideologically. War is the only interface to keep the system’s power and to impose its authority. The current wars are a source of huge amounts of money to be derived from the sale of arms and exploitation of Vast natural wealth in the countries that are invaded. Indeed military power and mass media is the interface that keep the big corporations and empire governments in authority and power. However the future draws new democratic states that would give people the power for new mode of democracy with new conception of justice, human rights, equality, and prosperity.

This transfer of power from the elite class, big corporate and “empire” governments that control the world to the people who actually keep the economy turning would empower those all over the world who claim their rights. These changes will also benefit the environment by reducing the greed and exploitation of nature by corporations and “empire” governments.

All kind of theorems are set up to approach this tremendous changes, and futurism is one of these important theorems. The American Futurist Alvin Toffler in his books has approached these changes states in his book Power-shift that today’s changes are pushing us to think strategically and we need to see how different changes relate to one another. Thus Power-shift, like its two predecessors, sets out a clear and comprehensive synthesis—an overarching image of the new civilization now spreading across the planet. “future shock” refers to the great impact these changes have, and will continue to have, on all aspects of life—including employment, the economy and, most especially, the ongoing cultural shift to globalization.

This shift marks the end of power-dominant civilizations toward the beginning of new kind of civilization, where power is much more equitably distributed.

The ideas in this book result from yeas of research in philosophy, sociology, psychology, politics, economics, human rights, and religion. I have drawn on all of these sources in order to come up with a strong intellectual structure compelling enough to help bring about the needed changes.

I had to work hard looking at facts to find ways to integrate the views and perspectives of researchers looking forward to brighter future. Nevertheless, We ask here: What would limit super power in absence of strong morality? Industrial civilization system has given way to a new information civilization; we now live in an age of mega transnational corporation out-of-touch government bureaucrats, consolidated media-power, mass communication consolidated media-power, slave-wage mass production, environmental destructive distribution, and mass education failure.

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