Ah, Halloween, what could represent this intrigue and strange holiday. If it doesn’t inspire with its tricks and treats, it would bring the scary sensations you have had over and over. I question myself, is it about consuming special treats, or is it about the costume and the mask, or about the scary experience with the ghosts?

Is it about the free all kind of treats I could get just walking along the street. Is it about veiling the scary ghost hunting me with death, illness, misfortune, and bad luck. Many ghosts circulate spreading hate, fear, confusion, envy, and troubles. The personality I picked to be that night of tricks or treats; I could connect with my inner conscious releasing my fear hunted by ghosts of envy and greedy sensation to keep all the treats for myself. Hunted by evil, I would overpass my weakness which entangled me in the abyss. Nothing could save me from bitter remorse but the treats and the inspiration to put my words together.

let’s eat all the candy, dress up as someone more fantastic than myself, and that gives me the inspiration or the guilty pleasures of sneaking around looking for more trick or treat when the sky of my desires open its door taking my soul to heaven or to hell.

Dr. saida seddik

Harrisburg 10/27/17


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