Climate change and Natural catastrophes

Climate change could cause the storm, hurricane, flood, and disasters! Let us first face the realities: we know that our environment is in a critical state; climate change is a reality— a reality, we have to face now. As we read the news of increasing and more potent natural disasters around the world, we are witnessing an emergency call for all of us to act—individually and collectively.

The transformation won’t happen without people becoming aware of the seriousness of the problem and then uniting to take action. As more people become aware of the social, political, judicial, and environmental inequities, we also hear in response, globally, louder calls for justice and protection of our human rights—

most especially the right of a clean environment, with access to clean air, clean water, and clean food. We all have the right to live without disease, hunger, and war.

We cannot live in peace if we do not change our attitude toward the environment. We need to get together to transform our societies, to stand firm against the toxic greed of corporations and the corrupt politicians they buy.


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