How to make Money

Money is a tremendous issue that everyone of us has to go through since we start using it as the only way to purchase all stuff we want to own. However money is a product of big monetary system. As it’s define in dictionary,

monetary system: is the set of institutions by which a government provides money in a country’s economy. Modern monetary systems usually consist of mints, central banks and commercial banks. But let stick here to the meaning we have of money. What the concept we have about money in our mind set.

First, let define money :

Money is a receive of service you do as tasks in your job as long as you doing it in a moral and legal service, and if you want to make more money you have to serve more. The more you serve, the more you get money. and it’s your choice to serve for a multiple employees, or to serve for one all your life.

The good people make good things with money.

The bad people make bad things with money.

Let say that you have no money now, how could we know if you are good or bad. The journey of dealing with money is still out on you. You may be bad, you just don’t have enough money to show it. And you may be good, you just need that money to prove it.

Let take a look at your priorities in life.

I can name some here:

Fitness- Faith- family- job- Community service- friends- money.

Make a list upon your top priorities. You can’t know your priorities until you make that list and you look at your schedule. To see what are your priorities, you need to check your calendar, because your priorities show in what you have done last week and this week, and your daily life as well.

This step is primordial to define yourself, get to know who you are. In fact this is the first step to take when you willing to escape the financial matrix.

The program life leadership is based on 3 concepts:


Let me here go through 3 concepts and learn how they function in financial program.

First this financial program is teaching you to define your dream, the life you always wanted. Not just that but how to accomplish it.

You will learn from mentors that had the same dream and be willing to do the work.

However, when I talk to people and ask them how they are doing, if they have dreams. Most of them reply: “they just going with the flow.” Nevertheless, “flow goes off the cliff”, and as the idiom states “any dead fish can flow against the current, but it takes an alive fish to swim against the current.

To be able to have a dream you need to be motivated, fire up, full of burning desire.

There are two things that could motivate you in life :

dreads and dreams.

Dreads refer to pain and discomfort, while dreams refer to pleasure and desire.

As we mention earlier we need to have dreams to be motivated to accomplish our goals. However dreads can do the same effect on our motivation. While focusing our attention to our dreads and pain, the same way we do to our dreams and pleasure we could be very motivated to hit our goals.

One of the most painful and terrible dreads most people struggle with are these issues listed down :

  1. Debt and debt collectors.
  2. Shopping for groceries: many people are using calculator and coupons while shopping because prices keep going up.
  3. Shopping for clothes: many aren’t able to buy new clothes since college, or since they married.
  4. Go out in restaurant: many people can’t afford to enjoy time and good meal in peace of mind out off their daily stress.
  5. Vacation: many people can’t cover expenses of vacation with their family.
  6. Holidays Celebration: nowadays many families can’t afford holidays.
  7. Dating: many people can’t afford dating or even moving to marriage proposal.
  8. Gifts: most people can’t afford giving away gift to their closest relatives.
  9. College: most people can’t afford paying for college and get student loans.

The list doesn’t stop and goes on and on.

Here I introduce you to the program and teach you how to escape financial matrix.

Let start here from the basic and the common ground that is your job.

First, what kind of job do you do ?

Second, does your job offers you what you looking for and helps you to accomplish the dream you had have for a long time, and how about the life you always wanted.

In this financial matrix I will go through the two methods you should learn when dealing with financial issues.

We will go through the two strategies that helps to accomplish your goals, that is : The defense and the offense.

May be in your personal vision you would go defense to protect yourself from risks taking. However the job you are performing is about solving problems. So, you don’t want less problems but rather more skills. You don’t want less challenge but rather more wisdom .

Indeed the financial program Life leadership will give you all the information you need to escape the matrix.

The program Life leadership offers a “total access” a package that coaches you along in order to become entrepreneur or under entrepreneur.

This program Life leadership includes all these teaching through CD, books, weekly meeting, seminars, different packages we offer like:

Total Personal Development that includes:

Rascal Radio

Life Library

The leadership platform

Audio Books

Language learning

Sales Training

This program will teach many skills you would need in your personal, professional, and financial development.

  • public speaking
  • Leadership
  • Sales training
  • Conflict resolution
  • Understand different personalities

The miracle of this financial program is that all these stuff are included in one single curriculum to guide you to become the person you want to be to arrive on the life you belong in.

Interested in this program, leave a comment, contact here: saidaseddik11@gmail

office: 717-652-5308

cell: 832-537-4351

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