Holidays and Grief

I’am not trying to bring tears and sorrow to your best moments of this blessed holidays.  But while celebrating and shoping for gifts,  think about those who are under war attacks,  disasters,  flooding, and those who don’t have home nor food or Clothing.  Have your thought in those mesirable kids who need your love and attention.

Following are suggestions for simplifying your Holliday and have room in your heart for others.

While shopping make a Gift list for kids overseas,  all KIDS and not just Christian ones as Chrismas is about kids.

Don’t spend huge money in buying for yourself ,  family, and friends.  Think about the poor one,  the homeless,  and other needy,  CHRISMAS is about sharing gifts and joy.

Explain to your family how to go simple while sharing with others.

Set Yourself as example in sharing and giving away gifts in this hardship time.

Share the spiritual meaning of the Holiday season to bring others confort.

Celebrate the Love, forgiveness, and compassion that make life complete.

Be always a good beliedownloadver,  giver, and lover.

Happy Holidays.

Dr. Saida Seddik


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