Saturday’s Story

very inspiring article about monitoring a young poet and creative artist. Enjoy!

Explore without limits

I met her once, it was a summer day, humid and hot outside. Her skin was sizzled under the heat prevailed. The ground was scorching under her bare feet. I tried to avoid going outside as much as possible because of the humidity and the heat. Besides there are times when I’m forced to go out with my family; other than that I never left the house. Of course there were occasions I willingly went outside.

When I first met her, she was melancholic, tired and didn’t want to do anything other than sleep. She felt miserable, so I decided to help her out and push her to write poems and short stories. She would use metaphors hoping no one would understand what she is trying to relate to in reality. Poems about loneliness and sadness. Her mom knew she wrote poems from time to time, but she never read…

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