Recycling in some areas in Harrisburg

When you move to new build complex in a nice area of Hanover Town and you don’t find recycling service then you have to do it on your own. If you were one of those concern about environment issues.  Anyway even not concern you’ll be affected by this matter. However since the city of Harrisburg has not yet generalized the recycling service, the only option is to take it to a recycling center.

Moreover the recycling issue is now the most notable of the changes, the city will no longer recycle glass for residents. Residents will need to throw away their glass or recycle it themselves at the Uptown Plaza or Dauphin County’s drop off sites.

The city excluded glass because it breaks during the recycling process, if not before, and contaminates the other recyclables. Glass also needs to be recycled by color, which is difficult when it’s broken into tiny pieces, said John Rarig, the city’s recycling coordinator.

“It costs more than its worth,” he said.

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